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UFO sighting report over Fort Worth USA August 7th 2009 at 1:30. Driving east on interstate 20 I saw a round orb that was very bright white.It went from the north to the south across half the sky and disappeared.It reappeared a few seconds later for only a couple of seconds but this time it was almost back to where I first saw it.

UFO over Uruguay
October 2008 Two clear objects appear in the night sky close to planet Venus, at a height of aproximately 70 above the horizon. Photo taken by Tracy Gatti.

Ufo over Italy
name: James

date: the nite of the falling stars..its an italian day

Time: after midnight

place: Vicenza italy

aasas: well..i dont know where to start..i saw numerous ufo's in italy..if u
ever want to see something at night or in the day....just go to italy..
the first one i saw was one night with my girlfriend.  it kept flashing around
in the night sky...red, blue, green, red, yellow.. I asked my girl what was that
"thing" bouncing around in the sky.  She told me it was a satalite..  I said
ok.. but when i thought about it more..i said hummmmmm...satelites dont bounce
around at that speed and i seriously doubt that they can change colors..i
started watching the sky..on the night of the falling stars there were numerous
objects afloat in the autum murk.  they were performing astronomical tricks that
man will NEVER be able to do.  The last one that we saw that night was HUGE.  It
was round.. have u ever seen the xfiles series?? well it looked just like the
big ball on the beginnning of the show..it was the  same..with only one minor
problem..it was on fire ....from the INSIDE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was at
treetop level and it was costing at about 3 miles per hour.  it was trying to
stop!!! my girl yelled, My God!!!!  thats the bi!
ggest star that  i've ever seen!!!
i told her that that wasnt a star..she got angry and stormed in the house..i
explained that i didnt feel taht a falling star would light up the night(the
entire sky was orange..she became very upset about this..i am at work and i cant
stay on long..i will write again when i have time..thanks guys...
Investigators Notes: The witness has described what he saw in full detail. He says that he has seen more than one UFO before. This gives him experience in observing UFO's. I have no reason to doubt his story. he explains that it was on fire, from his description this is definetly not a plane, helicopter or weather balloon.  I will be searching for corroborating evidence on other UFO databases. Updates will be posted

 Man & Son See Large Orbs That Changed Shape & Were Pursued by Jets

We First Spotted Object Driving Towards London, Ontario


We First Spotted Object Driving Towards London, Ontario

Object Changed Shape - Metallic Object Appeared to Side

Object Moved Slowly Behind Tree Line
Then Reappeared Above Tree Line & Disappeared



Date of Sighting: July 30, 2005
Time of Sighting: 6 to 7 PM
Date Reported: August 1, 2005
Location of Sighting: London, Ontario - Canada
Latitude: 43.0 Degrees North
Longitude: 81.2 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: Two
Number of Witnesses Interviewed: One
Weather: Few Clouds at 4,500 Feet - Visibility 15 Miles

Description (Orbwatch): We were driving on the 401 just arriving into London, Ontario When we spotted an orb-like form in the sky and two jets chasing it. The Orb changed shape from a comet-like orb, circular orb to a oval shaped orb. We kept on starring at it from our car as we were driving into London, Ontario. Smaller Orb-like essences were beside the larger orb and were vanishing from the sky. We could not see the larger orb anymore and figured it vanished so we stopped off at Wendy's. As we ate and discussed the orb-like form, we noticed again in Wendy's from out the window the same object we saw early. There were two jets on each side of the orb but they could never catch up to the unknown object. The orb kept dropping down behind trees so we couldn't see it anymore but then it suddenly teleported back into the sky and it did the same until we noticed another large orb essence hovering above the previous one then they vanished!

Click Here for detailed report



Location of Sighting - A Few Miles West of Hamilton, Ontario


Date of Sighting: September 2, 2005
Time of Sighting: Unknown (Daytime)
Duration of Sighting: About 5 Minutes
Date Reported: September 5, 2005
Location of Sighting: Near Hamilton Ontario, Canada Along Highway 403 (See Map) 
Latitude:  43.2 Degrees North
Longitude: 80.0 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: Two
Number Witnesses Interviewed: One
Weather: Scattered Clouds

Description: This is the second sighting that I have received from this same witness.  The witness stated that he and his father were driving along highway 403 on their way to Hamilton, Ontario.  He spotted a cigar shaped object (see drawing) that was hovered for a time and then move southward.

Orbwatch Group See's Orb just outside Branford,Ontario
Sighting: August 2,Brantford,Ontairio, 2005: We were driving out of Brantford on the outskirts near  Mount Pleasant we got out of our car it  was pitch black. We noticed  a highspeed moving  ball of light in the sky it was several times faster than  an airplane  and did'nt have flashing lights also the light in this unknown object was concentrated within itself. It gracefully moved across the sky. It was beautiful and amazing to watch. My dad's friend was dumb struck at what he saw. All three of us were amazed.

Example Picture Of Orb this picture was not taken by Orbwatch

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