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The Reason Why we have seen Orb's!

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God has been gracious to Orbwatch, revealing over 80 Orbs in 2005! On two occasions my dad and I witnessed 5 Orbs in one night. One of those nights fell on thanksgiving. We were so thankful for the abundance of orb's the Lord blessed us with! We saw 5 orbs by the Grand river in Brantford, Ontario. That night we met a man who fishing at 7.00 pm. He never caught any fish that night but he saw 4 orbs. He asked us earlier, what we were doing? and we told him we were orb watching. After we explained what orb's were the sighting began one after the other, 5 in total. The fisherman was amazed at what he saw .   There was alway's a purpose in everywhere we went! God seemed to direct us to the right place at the right time! Thank-you Lord.