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 August 2,Brantford,Ontairio, 2005/MountPleasant/11:30 Am/ Me my dad and my dad's freind were driving out of Brantford on the outskirts near  Mount Pleasant we got out of our car it  was pitch black. We noticed  a highspeed moving  ball of light in the sky it was several times faster than  an airplane  and did'nt have flashing lights also the light in this unknown object was concentrated within itself. It gracefully moved across the sky. It was beautiful and amazing to watch. My dad's friend was dumb struck at what he saw. All three of us were amazed!


Orbwatch's Conclusion's:We belive that this sighting is true and the witnesses did see a orb in the night but we still question this sighting because of the time of day(11:30am) and why these people were out in Mount Pleasant/Brantford at this time?